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Hello, Dear! I’m Anna.

An Introverted Capricorn, Gemini Rising. I’m into simple spirituality and personal improvement. I am thrilled that you found your way to my little corner of the internet. So, Welcome!

I created Lemondrop Glow to document my journey to simply feeling better. I want to share my story so you know that you too can feel better. More than better. You can feel overwhelming gratitude and joy. It can be simple and easy. And you can feel amazing, every single day.

Let’s get personal. 

I know, what a concept. But see here’s the thing, I spent 30 years of my life seeking wholeness and worthiness through the opinions and validations from others. 

When I failed to make lasting, loving relationships, I questioned, “Why?” Didn’t I give everything to my friends? Didn’t I sacrifice enough to the people I love? Wasn’t I nice to everyone? 

It felt as if everyone I loved used me up and left me. I lived my life oppressed and believed I was not worthy of love and belonging. 

I lived as a victim. 

Depression and anxiety became apart of my life. When I started isolating myself from family, friends, and all human connection, dark thoughts and feelings overwhelmed me.

I would get ready to go out with friends and walk to the door, stop and start violently shaking. I hated being around people and feeling like everyone knew that I was worthless, and everyone could see that I was just a waste of space. 

In December 2017, I didn’t shower for 26 days. Yes, TWENTY-SIX days. I was depressed. Even the most basic of tasks seemed overwhelming. I spent days without leaving my house or even talking to another human being. 

I believed I wasn’t suitable for human connection. 
I believed I wasn’t worthy of love. 

I was alone. 

Because I isolated myself. 
All I wanted to do was run away from everything and everyone. But truthfully, the person I wanted to runaway from was me.

Then, something happened, a something that was the perfect combination of relief and pain. I had the thought, “The person that I want to love, acknowledge, and validate me does not have the capacity.” And it was as if a switch flipped in my brain, and a lightness came over me. 

Then, I let go.

It was not my fault that this person did not have the capacity to love me in the ways I needed. But, it was my mistake to believe other people could give me what I didn’t give myself. It was my mistake to place my value in others. 

I realized that I was not broken. 
I realized that I was worthy.
I realized that I was created from Divine Intention.
I realized that I was a co-creator with the Divine.

The shame and guilt of the past lifted just enough for me to see the first step into my new journey in life.

It started with a shower.  

The Rising.

Since then, I’ve learned that the path to joy and love is simple. It’s easy. Truly, it is. But it does take effort and consistency.

I’ve learned that my relationship to the divine is simple. 

I am worthy because I am.
I am learning to love myself without prerequisites. 
This is the journey that I am inviting you to.

Stop waiting for your Golden Ticket!

You are your golden ticket. You are the lover you’ve always wanted. You are the best friend you’ve always wanted. You are the creator of goodness and light. You are empowered with Divine Intention.

You are lovable just the way you are. 

Could you be healthier?
Could you be sexier?
Could you be richer?

Sure! But these things don’t define you. Focus and Celebrate your goodness! So you can appreciate what you have and attract more of it. 

You can feel better right now! 

I’m here to tell you, you are not alone. 

Join me in the journey. 

Let me share with you the Life Lessons I’ve learned from some of the greatest hearts and minds. And feel free to share your stories with me by connecting with me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or YouTube.

Let’s do this together.